Testing & Certifications

It's all about being sure.

The AMCA Certified Ratings Program, established in 1955, provides a system of accountability for air movement and control products. Today, more than 200 participants compete with integrity on a level playing field, supported by most specifiers who require third-party certification. Ratings are based on a common standard, and our participants stand behind their ratings. The AMCA certified ratings seal provides assurance for buyers, specifiers and end users of air movement and control products; they know published ratings are reliable and accurate, and they know competitors’ ratings are based on standard test methods and procedures. To earn certification, participants must sign a license agreement and meet all the requirements of their chosen program. We check participants’ data for accuracy before we issue a license for product certification. Each licensed product line is subject to retesting in order to maintain certification. It’s been proven: manufacturers that do not allow third party certification usually overstate their products’ performance data. Don’t risk paying too much for products that fail to perform as described.