Testing & Certifications

About Listing and Labeling

If your louver meets the stringent requirements of Miami-Dade County, the state of Florida or other hurricane-prone areas, you may want to have your louver listed by AMCA International. The listing will attest to the fact that the louver can withstand the impact of an eight-foot, 2 in. by 4 in. plank of wood traveling at up to 80 ft/s or can effectively keep a mechanical room dry in a storm with winds up to 110 mph. See AMCA Publication 512 for details, or call staff at the AMCA headquarters at 847-394-0150.

For the folks selling economizers and air handlers in California, keeping up with the requirements of Title 24 can be daunting. A new requirement requires economizer dampers and outside air dampers to be AMCA Leakage Class 1A, 1, or 2. But how does the code inspector know? AMCA has created a program that allows labels to be placed outside economizers attesting to the presence of low leakage dampers.