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Problem: Under-performing fans - fans that are not performing as rated - waste energy whenever they are operated, resulting in higher energy usage, carbon emissions, and energy bills. You can estimate these penalties using the Fan Energy Waste Calculator below. To run the calculator, select a country and slide the indicators for fan diameter, rating error, and annual operating hours.

Solution: One way to reduce energy waste is to specify AMCA-certified fans where possible. The AMCA Certified Ratings Program independently verifies that manufacturers' fan performance data are correctly calculated and presented based on ratings test results. Download the free AMCA white papers for detailed information about the AMCA Certified Ratings Program, how to correctly specify AMCA-certified fans, and how to ensure AMCA-certified fans are purchased when specified.

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Assumptions and Notes

AMCA Fan Energy Waste Calculator

Assumptions and Notes:

  1. Penalty calculations based on laboratory testing of centrifugal fans by AMCA International.
  2. Assumes motor and drive efficiency are a combined 90%.
  3. Rating error has 6% minimum to account for 5% tolerance of fan rating tests. Therefore, rating error must be larger than 5% to simulate error of unrated fans over and above rated fans.
  4. Emissions penalty figures shown in tons of greenhouse gas equivalents calculated from U.S. EPA conversion factor.
  5. Economic penalty is annual wasted energy expense in currency for selected country.
  6. Energy cost data are meant to be appoximations due to fluctuating prices and currency fluctuations.
  7. For most countries downloaded from Statistica.com, in May 2015 at www.statista.com
  8. Energy cost data for the remainder of countries are sourced in Table 1 below

Table 1: Sources and values for energy cost data and currency conversion coefficients. Note energy costs are presented in native currency (₡) per kwh. Currency conversion coefficients are included with source if source provided energy cost in US dollars.

Country Energy Cost


Brazil BRL 0.51 Source Data

I USD= 2.98 BRL

China CNY 0.50 Source Data

1 USD = 6.21 CNY 

Egypt EGP 1.025 Source Data
Hong Kong HKD 1.349 Source Data
India INR 5.07 Source Data

1 USD = 63.37 INR 

Kuwait KWD 0.11 Source Data

1 USD = 0.30 KWD

Malaysia MYR 25.3 Source Data
Mexico MXN 0.89 Source Data

1 USD = 15.11 MXN

Qatar QAR 0.1 Source Data
Saudi Arabia SAR 0.13 Source Data
Singapore SGD 0.21 Source Data
South Korea KRW 86.8 Source Data
Taiwan TWD 2.13 Source Data

1 USD = 30.48 TWD 

Thailand THB 5.68 Source Data

1 USD = 33.39 THB 

Turkey TRY 26 Source Data 
United Arab Emirates AED 0.03 Source Data

Source Data

1 USD = 3.6725 AED