AMCA Staff



Mark Stevens

Title: Executive Director
Email: mstevens@amca.org
Phone:    +1 847-704-6290
Mark Stevens' primary responsibility is to lead, develop and execute AMCA's strategic plan by developing, implementing and executing operational goals in support of member needs. His responsibilites include effectively bringing to bear his knowledge of the industry and its landscape in North America, Europe and Asia. He uses his personal relationships with major industry players around the world to bring about a collegial and collaborative environment among people with disparate interests.


Janet Blanchfield

Title: Meeting Manager
Email: jblanchfield@amca.org
Phone:    +1 847-704-6255  
Janet Blanchfield manages the strategy and planning of meetings and special events for AMCA. Her responsibilities include contract negotiations, meeting logistics, registration and budget management. She provides support to AMCA's marketing manager and is a liaison to the AMCA Board of Directors and past presidents. 


Joseph Brooks, P.E.

Title: Director of Publications and Standards
Email: jbrooks@amca.org
Phone:    +1 847-704-6250  
Joe Brooks is a professional engineer that has been on the AMCA International staff for over sixteen years. Joe is staff liaison to the AMCA committees, working groups and task forces that develop test standards, application guides, certified ratings programs and building code proposals.He also acts as a liaison to the AHSRAE Fan Technical Committee, ISO Fan Technical Committee and the U.S. Technical Advisory Group to the ISO Fan Technical Committee. 


Teodora Christopher

Title: Senior Accountant
Email: tchristopher@amca.org
Phone:    +1 847-704-6272  
Teodora Christopher is responsible for AMCA's accounting processes and activities, including banking, accounts receivable and accounts payable functions, as well as financial reporting. Teodora graduated from Northeastern Illinois University with a bachelor's degree in finance.



John Cowie, PhD

Title: Advocacy Manager
Email: jcowie@amca.org
Phone:    +1 847-704-6336  
Dr. Cowie is responsible for representing AMCA and its members' technical positions on committees and at hearings of code bodies and standards-setting organizations, including ASHRAE; International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO); National Fire Protection Association (NFPA); and International Code Council (ICC).


Mark DeRoo

Title: Director of Technical Services
Email: mderoo@amca.org
Phone:    +1 847-704-6315  
Mark DeRoo is responsible for the operation of AMCA’s laboratory in Chicago, the oversight of AMCA’s independent labs and the laboratory accreditation program.  He oversees AMCA’s quality management program and is also involved with ISO committees, working alongside the executive director towards the goal of independent representation.


Brad Doolittle

Title: Laboratory Technician
Email: bdoolittle@amca.org

Brad Doolittle’s responsibilities include shipping/receiving, unit prep, and test product setup.


Paul Fajnor, CPA

Title: Director of Finance
Email: pfajnor@amca.org
Phone:    +1 847-704-6270  
Paul Fajnor is responsible for accounting and financial reporting, banking and investment activities, employee benefits, payroll and human resources administration, and the administration of AMCA's corporate insurance programs. Paul acts as liaison to the AMCA Board and Directors, Executive Committee, Audit Committee and Investment Committee, and he provides guidance and support to AMCA staff for financials matters. Paul is also responsible for audit functions related to AMCA's financial and accounting reporting as well as those activities related to AMCA's employee benefit plans and corporate insurance programs. 


Andy Fry

Title: Marketing Manager
Email: afry@amca.org
Phone:    +1 847-704-6325  
Bio: Andy Fry is responsible for marketing, branding and communication strategies at AMCA. His duties include marketing and branding development, advertising, media relations, trade show logistics and website development.


Bruce Hackett

Title: Director of Information Technology
Email: bhackett@amca.org
Phone:    +1 847-704-6260  
Bruce Hackett is responsible for the networking and telecommunication infrastructure at AMCA’s headquarters. He also advises on software and website development projects. As a former laboratory engineer at AMCA, Bruce is occasionally called upon to assist with laboratory projects – particularly those involving the development of software tools used in laboratory testing. 


Michael Ivanovich

Title: Senior Director of Industry Relations
Email: mivanovich@amca.org
Phone:    +1 847-704-6340  
Michael Ivanovich helps develop and advocate AMCA member positions on energy efficiency and sustainability, with emphasis on building codes and standards for energy efficiency and sustainable construction. He also represents AMCA in government and industry relations and is the AMCA lead for marketing and communications.


Johnny Juarez

Title: Laboratory Technician
Email: jjuarez@amca.org
Phone:    +1 847-704-6262
Johnny's responsibilities include shipping/receiving, unit prep, and test product setup.


Jason Keneway

Title: Laboratory Technician
Email: jkeneway@amca.org
Jason's responsibilities include shipping/receiving, unit prep, and test product setup.


Dan Lawhorn

Title: Senior Laboratory Technician
Email: dlawhorn@amca.org
Phone:    +1 847-704-6257  
Daniel Lawhorn specializes in the testing of industrial fan air performance and sound, damper pressure drop and leakage, spiral ducts, air curtain air performance, uniformity, projection and acoustic louver transmission loss. 


Dan Manole, PhD

Title: Director of Certification
Email: dmanole@amca.org
Phone:    +1 847-704-6251  

Dr. Manole directs the activities of the Certified Rating Programs administered by AMCA International. He has considerable experience and education in the fields of mechanical engineering, standards, and certification, with strong experience in team building and process improvement.


Nazme Mohsina

Title: Certification/Project Engineer
Email: nmohsina@amca.org
Phone:    +1 847-704-6265  

Nazme is involved in development of software tools used in laboratory testing. She is a member of the laboratory accreditation team. She contributes to simplification and improvement projects in AMCA and her skills allow her to address any technical needs as they arise. Nazme also ensures the ratings developed for the Certified Ratings Program are based on standardized testing.


Erin Moore

Title: Documents Specialist/Administrative Assistant
Email: emoore@amca.org
Phone:    +1 847-704-6285  

Erin Moore is responsible for the editing and tracking of AMCA’s publications, test standards, and applications guides.  She is also responsible for coordinating the document development and revision procedure which includes distributing drafts, tracking letter ballot results and shepherding the publication through the standard and publication process.


Tim Orris, CAE, IOM

Title: Director of Member Services
Email: torris@amca.org
Phone:    +1 847-704-6280  
Tim Orris serves as the primary liaison to the AMCA product divisions, develops the content for association meetings and administers members programs.


Josh Parent

Title: Laboratory Manager
Email: jparent@amca.org
Phone:    +1 847-704-6330  
Josh Parent manages the day-to-day operations in the laboratory. 


Tim Reilly

Title: Lead Laboratory Technician




+1 847-704-6252

Tim Reilly is responsible for assisting the senior technicians as necessary. His duties include setting up, performing and monitoring laboratory tests. 


Andrew Schmidt

Title: Software Engineer/Statistical Program Manager
Email: aschmidt@amca.org
Phone:    +1 847-704-6275  
Andrew Schmidt is responsible for the design, development, deployment and maintenance of all internal and internet software systems for AMCA. He is also the manager of the AMCA Statistical Program. 


Jim Simmons

Title: Labratory Technician
Email: jsimmons@amca.org
Phone:    +1 847-704-6275  
Jim's responsibilities include shipping/receiving, unit prep, and test product setup.


Phil Zurkowski

Title: Quality Manager
Email: philz@amca.org
Phone:    +1 847-704-6267  
Along with ensuring and maintaining a high standard of quality and customer service from the AMCA laboratory, Phil is a member of the laboratory accreditation team.